My name is Erika and this is my art blog.

Can I put “used to have the #1 icon making profile on a popular AIM icon wesbite” on a resume?

Whenever someone defines me as “artistic” or reminds me that me doing art is a defining characteristic, I’m always surprised because I forget that not everybody draws.


Don’t forget hourly comic day is February 1st. Don’t forget like I always do.

As you can probably tell from my pallid complexion, I am still sick. But look at this rad headband I knitted myself while I was laying in bed all week, how can I even really be mad?

I am taking a mini hiatus from drawing myself due to being SICK AUGH WHY. I haven’t felt very well the past two or three days.

I woke up in a nice big pile of my own sweat this morning so maybe my fever is close to going away?

This try partly doesn’t look like me because it’s from an old photo, and partly because I shortened my face, and flattened my nose.

I AM starting to have some grasp on how to draw my nose though. I also realized that I tend to draw my eyes and pupils too large.

This is starting to get frustrating, but I knew that would happen. The best course of action is to power through it.

Draw Yourself Challenge: Day 3/30

Yesterday I drew myself super ugly, today I made my facial features too cute.

Aside from some obvious problems, this IS helping me get more comfortable and learn the nuances of my face. For example, the angles of the planes above my lips or the fact that my top lip is thinner, but my bottom lip has less width.

I’ll call this an improvement.

Draw Yourself Challenge: Day 2/30

Moon Animate, Make-Up!


Let’s Re-Animate An Entire Episode of Sailor Moon!


In the spirit of Bill Plympton’s Guard Dog Global Jam and James Harvey’s BartkiraMoon Animate Make-Up is an animation project where every participating artist will animate one shot of an entire twenty-two minute episode of Sailor Moon.

The episode will be released online in spring 2014 and available to view for free. This is just for fun and the project is open to animators of any skill level, from students to hobbyists to professionals.

We’ll be re-creating Season 1, Episode 38: Fractious Friends and use the English language dub. It will include the opening and ending credits, along with the Sailor Says segment. Shots are assigned first come, first-serve, but if you’d like a particular shot because it’s your favorite character/you’re busy with school and short on time/etc, you can request it. You can sign up by e-mailing me at moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com. Please include your name, e-mail, and a link to your website, blog or reel.

This episode comes late in Sailor Moon’s first season, but it’s a great stand-alone episode that features all five of the original Sailors, focuses on the group’s dynamic in working together and holds up on its own without needing to know too much about what’s going on. (Tuxedo Mask is being held hostage by the Negaverse, but that’s about it.)

You can animate in any medium you want: paper, digital, stop-motion, shadow puppets, CG, pixel art, etc. You’ll be provided with the video clip of your shot for reference and the audio track to animate and you are responsible for rendering and delivering your shot via the specs listed below. Use the original layouts from the episode as storyboards and as long as the characters are identifiable, animate them however you want.

Artists will be announced by December 1 or whenever we have enough to get started. There are over three hundred shots in the episode, so there are plenty of shots to go around. Even if we only get enough people to make the first act, this will still look pretty sweet.

SPECS: 24fps, 640x480 NTSC, uncompressed, .mov

CONTACT: moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com

This project has no affiliation with Toei, Kodansha, Nakayoshi, Dic, Cloverway, Toonami, or any related parties officially involved with Sailor Moon. This is a free project for animators because this is my idea of fun because I am a dork.

I just signed up for this awesome opportunity but I thought I’d share it with all of you!

In which I try to draw myself and accidentally draw Hitler and a crack addict!

This probably could have gone better.

Draw Yourself Challenge: Day 1/30

For the rest of the month of January I’m taking on the challenge of drawing my face once a day, even just a doodle. It’s alright if I miss a day here or there, but overall I want to become better at drawing myself, since it’s so difficult for me to do. The goal by the end is to be able to create an avatar that really looks like me!

I drew this for Princesskeyrey in this year’s Tuxsecret Santa. She asked for a Tuxedo Mask monologue, and I always thought something like this might happen between Mamo and Usagi…

(And yes, I am a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. I even run a Sailor Moon side blog.)

I just wanted you all to know that I’m alive, I’m just doing commissioned artwork that I didn’t think would be particularly interesting to you folks.

I’ll be back to doodlin’ soon, kids.

It’s under some other doodles but MAYBE I’m getting a little better at drawing myself? It’s always really hard for me.

Also, sorry for the lack of full drawings lately. Life is too crazy @_@

I”ma let you finish but Grandma Willow was the greatest talking tree of all time - OF ALL TIME.

Commissioned work has been nice for my wallet but draining for my creative flow. The silly doodles are helping.